March 29, 2006

TeamServer :: new build results view

I am not a jensen harris, but our public version of Team Server gets updated not as quickly as we develop new features, so I am going to write a bit about what we are doing.

Recently we've re-designed the Results view, one of the most important pages of our Team Server (because software developers need to understand the reasons behind a build failure).

Now all essential information can be found on just one page:

- which tests have failed,
- whether there're any new failing tests
- when the tests start to fail (if it's not the first time)
- who has committed the changes that led to the failure


You can click on a failed test name and get full stacktrace text (in the future you'll be able to click and open it in your IDE):


Hover over the Changes link new the test name and you'll see who has commited the change, comment he wrote for this changelist and the number of changed files.


I hope we'll have it on the public server in a couple of days, so you can see who it works. And if you want to try it on your own project, we have an open Early Access Program.