April 21, 2006

Getting Real book from the 37signals

Probably my best investment in the last couple of months or so. Absolutely recommended for everybody involved in developing web applications. Getting Real is a book of inspiration, a book of ideas.
If you have a look at sample chapters, browse "Interface First (pdf)" and "Meeting Are Toxic (pdf)". The rest of the book is as interesting and unconventional as these two.

A cup of coffee for the brains. Really.

December 23, 2005

Back to Life: JetBrains CEO blogs again!

Shusssssh! Sergey Dmitriev blogs again! Knowing Sergey quite well I am sure his blog will be one of the most interesting sources about JetBrains future products and who knows - the future of the software development industry. His head is always boiling with ideas - all revolutionary, unexpected and thrilling. Just don't let him think two posts are enough! ;)

December 12, 2005

In Search of Stupidity

In search of stupidity, cover

Excellent book by Rick Chapman. Fun, witty and so well written that reads better than any detective story. Moreover, reading about other people mistakes makes one feel so clever... I love the feeling :)

As for the practical purposes - well, in the foreword to this book Joel Spolsky says that having at least one programmer in the top management makes the company immune to the serious marketing mistakes (and our management are three natural born programmers, so we have nothing to worry about). But still the recurrence of the silly mistakes is amazing - top software vendors've been committing same sins during 20 years: re-writing software from scratch, selling two products under one name, etc.
Would be great to have a poster with a list of the marketing blunders featured in this book printed out and posted on the wall. Just in case...

July 1, 2005

Top reasons to upgrade

IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 release is getting closer and our website content manager has usurped the web-team whiteboard!!
whiteboard full of reasons to upgrade to IDEA 5.0

February 15, 2005

Hello, world!

After several weeks of pondering over a possibility to follow the trend and become a blogger, I decided I wouldn't do it.

But then ... then I came across b2evolution and here I am, writing this "hello world" message.
So much's still to be done - settling down, changing layout and colors, and writing, writing, writing!