March 13, 2006

Team Server EAP

I am not sure it is any news to the most of my readers, but in case it is, I will explain my silence :) I've got a new job.

About four weeks ago I switched from the JB corporate web-site development and management to the user interface design and development of a new product. The tool is called (so far) Team Server and, as you can easily conclude, it serves the nasty task of running builds, detecting problems, and reporting them to the team of developers.

Those who happend to roam through the office seeking for blood after someone's ruined a build and went home, will immediately understand the benefits:

- Team Server can run many builds for many different projects simultaneously.
- It has one single user interface where you can get an overview of what's being run on different agents.
- It shows history for each build type - changes, time, duration, etc, etc.
- It shows stacktraces (which a couple of iterations later you'll be able to click and open in IntelliJ IDEA).
- It sends notifications as soon as a problem is detected, so you don't have to wait till the build process is completed.
What I've forgot to mention?
Well, the user interface is far, far, faaar from completion. It is "under development" and will be for several months more. We are trying out all those AJAX-smajax fashion tricks, changing layouts, fonts and colors, supporting new features, etc.

And isn't it the right time to download Team Server and tell us what you think in news://

February 17, 2005

Collaboration tools for IDEs - some resources

Developers tend to "live" in their IDEs. This is an environment they won't leave for hours and hours each day. At least, it's true for many of them.

From the other point of view, the teams tend to get distributed among different locations. Sometimes your co-workers sit in the same building on another storey, sometimes it's another continent.

As far as I know two Java IDE already made considerable steps for supporting collaboration and communication:
IBM with their Jazz plugin for Eclipse and Sun with Java Studio Enterprise/
Here are some resources: