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Half a year UI endevour released!

Yesterday TeamCity 1.0 was released - on time, packed with useful features and "web 2.0" user interface nicities.

It's really interesting now to look back at was called buildServer (the first two are visio drafts, not html screens):



and then TeamServer (the first real "working horse" for our team):



and then it's got its name - TeamCity - more UI enhancements and usability features, and a real web 2.0 look:


... well, we've done a lot, but it's only the first version, and we'll have to work more, including the ui. Not the graphic part of it, probably, because fruttacotta has done her best- but the ease of use and intuitiveness of the ui model. Which requires user feedback and user testing. (so if you are TeamCity user and do have anything to say regarding the tool - please, let me know :)