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View Source lessons

Recently I was browsing the Groove website (all that rumour about MS buying Groove, interviews with Oz, etc.).
Nevertheless, somehow I got to their Store and spotted nicely done tooltips. Javascript os Css? was I thinking, pressing the 'View Source'
button... and then ... what a surprise! On a commercial web site... I see this:

CSS Tooltip
Pure CSS Tooltip, based on:
<a class="tooltip" href="">Foo<span>Foo means something

Not only the person points to the original articles where the trick was
described, but even the usage!
Honest - I have seen a lot of html source code, but this is something
outstanding. I even spent some time looking for the webmaster address, but
could not find it.

Anyway. This is a lesson I should learn from. Frankly speaking, our source code leaves a lot to be desired.


Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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