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My dream editor

IntelliJ IDEA, the flagship product of the company I work for, gradually becomes the css and xhtml editor of my dream. Being a hand-coder, I want my editor to be smart enough to highlight block elements, intelligently autocomplete and delete tags, analyze code and highlight errors (including wrong links), validate code, and - in general - do for me all routine tasks, just like it does for Java developers.
Our developers work hard and each day we find something new that any html coder would treasure dearly.

My pick of the day: Image links
How often do you type an image name and location (or copy-paste) and then realize that either name or location was wrong and your browser shows that silly red cross instead of a picture? It used to happen to me quite often. But not now.
Now IDEA highlights all wrong image links, just like this:

wrong image highlighting

Cannot resolve? But can suggest! Press CTRL-SPACE (no mouse required: it's IDEA), and you will see all the images available in the ../img/ directory:

selecting an image

Everything is at hand, no new dialog windows that will quite a lot of mousing or, at best, looking for accelerators, pressing tabs, etc.

Or, if you were writing the whole thing from the very beginning:

selecting a directory

Again: no new dialogs, just CTRL-SPACE and select the file you want.

Now compare it to the Dreamweaver way:


And then... yeah, the whole dialog for selecting an image...


Leaving aside no highlighting for wrong image links.

But the more one uses IDEA, the more he wants from it. :)
And my next question, suggestion or feature requirement is autocomplete image width and height.
Please, IDEA, spare me retrieving the image size! You know it anyway, so why don't you place it directly into my code?


Oh, yeah. XHTML and CSS refactoring. Introduce CSS class from embedded CSS style. Convert setting into CSS rule. Beautify HTML code (taking into account the crazyness).

This looks great. I always hated how Dreamweaver was a step back from how Allaire's Homesite worked.

Can IDEA handle <img src="/images/blah.gif"> or only relative paths <img src="../images/blah.gif">?

Does IDEA complete s from the root directory? Yes, it does.

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